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Clix is a learning opportunity

© December 2005 Tony Lawrence
December 2005

I was rather amused by Clix. Its purpose is catalog command lines into a GUI interface where you can select them, see what you are about to do, and turn it all loose with a mouse click. It does that well, and I think it's good that it shows you the actual commands to be run as well as lets you add your own commands.

What amused me was the installation. There was none. The download is a bz2 file, which unpacks to a tar file, which in turn creates a Clix folder. If you explore that, you'll find a readme.html which advertises ACP services (we'll look at those another day). There's a Clix.app; clicking that brings up a very empty window and that's about it.

What you really need to do is open (or just click on) one of the supplied .clix files. That gets you what you really want. I think it's a little confusing, and especially so for the intended audience of command-line fearing folks.

I do think this is excellent, though not because it insulates users from the command line. What's great about it is that it shows the command line to you, which I would hope would inspire you to further investigation of the actual tools being used. Think of Clix more as a learning tool than something to avoid typing and you'll get much more from it.

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-> Clix is a learning opportunity

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