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2005/03/29 captive

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Captive provides read AND WRITE for Windows NTFS file systems. What's really most interesting about this is the way he did it: he uses the Linux read-only NTFS driver to go mucking through the drive looking for the real Windows driver, which he then runs in an emulator - hence the "captive" name. The author's technical description is mostly way over my head, but I think I understand enough of it to be impressed.

It's in the latest kernels, but I don't have any NTFS disks I need to read, so I haven't played with this at all. The reviews all seem very positive, though.

An interesting use for this on a dual boot system might be to back up Linux data to a Windows partion. You could then also read the NTFS filesystem (less the Linux backup) and store a copy of that on the Linux side, thus backing up both systems.. add a tape, dvd or IOMEGA REV and you'd have everything you needed.

I found a web note about XP SP2 breaking this and the fix for same.

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