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2005/02/24 REALbasic

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In the Windows world, Visual Basic is very often the development language of choice. That may make you sneer, but nevertheless, switching those developers to Linux requires something like VB on Linux. Fortunately, REALbasic is that, and it's available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

They do offer a 30 day demo. Any platform allows you to build for other OSes, and it apparently has at least some ability to convert Visual Basic code. I used my Mac to build a simple Windows app successfully. The apps are royalty free, though those created with the demo version won't stay viable beyond the demo period. Actual licenses start at $99.95, but that license won't let you build cross-platform apps or use multi-user databases. You need the Professional version for that, which starts at $399.95.

You shouldn't necessarily be entirely disdainful, either. Bad code is possible in any language, and so is good code (not in my case, of course: my code is always bad). Neither REALbasic or Visual Basic are much like the Basic some of used way back when. These are good development tools: REALbasic was even nominated by Linux World in the Best Linux Developer Tool and Best Linux Development Environment categories.

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-> REALbasic for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X


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Thu Feb 24 22:52:56 2005: 67   anonymous

You might want to look at Gambas, too. It costs nothing: (link)

Thu Feb 24 23:45:56 2005: 68   TonyLawrence

Yes, we did look at Gambas: (link)


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