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2004/11/23 Kino

© November 2004 Tony Lawrence

https://kino.schirmacher.de/. Open Source video editing. Grab your camcorder, load up Kino, and watch out Hollywood. The writeup of this software in the December 2004 Linux Journal warned that it is still in rough state and crashes now and then.

I don't even own a camcorder and can't imagine that I ever will, but if I did, I'd probably use a Mac for video editing. Aww, that's silly: I'm not into video at all. If I did own a camcorder, it would sit unused or I'd lend it to someone who'd never return it. But those are my limitations, aren't they? You, on the other hand, have a camcorder and the talent to use it. And since you don't have a Mac, but do have Linux, Kino might be just what you need on your way to Cannes.

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---November 23, 2004

Hmmm, I have a Sony Cybershot that I use for stills, but it has a video recording mode (MPEG Movie w/audio: 320x240 HQX, 320x240, 160x112) whether I want it or not. Also a sequential GIF mode. You may have a digital video cam and not even know it!

- dhh

---November 23, 2004

Nope :-) I don't own a digital camera, either. I did have some incredibly cheap and awful Kodak thing once, but I tossed that a while ago. Never cared much about cameras of any kind. If we need pictures, we usually buy the disposables.

We do have one of them new-fangled microwave things though..


---November 23, 2004

I have used both my MAC laptop, and Kino on Linux for video editing, and capturing from my camcorder. There is a command line utility named 'dvgrab', which is available from the kino website, and I have found 'dvgrab' to be the best program for capturing the video from my camcorder. Both the MAC, and Kino would spit and sputter the captured video. I don't know if my machines are too slow for the task, since you do need a fairly new machine to capture video properly. 'dvgrab' works everytime. Once I finish capturing with 'dvgrab' I can then use Kino, or my MAC for the editing. I kind of perfer Kino to my MAC. For me, it has been fairly stable. Again, I cannot really use it to capture, since the video gets very garbled, so I cannot really say how well it does that, since I cannot get past 5 minutes, without the audio and video losing sync.

Another thing I did notice, is that capturing on my MAC was next to impossible, until I switched out my IEEE1394 cable. This was very strange, since I figured it would either work, or not work. I could use all the camcorder functions, like FF, REW, PLAY, etc, but once I started the capture, the MAC would lockup. I then tried a different cable, and it worked fine. I still lose audio/video sync sometimes with the MAC, and since video capturing, and editing can be very time consuming, I now use 'dvgrab' on Linux, which always works, and keeps everything in sync.

- Bruce Garlock

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