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2004/09/10 RFC

© September 2004 Tony Lawrence

Request For Comments are the tech notes for the Internet. Anyone can submit an RFC, though it must be approved first by the RFC Editor (which for many years was a single person named Jon Postel, but is now a group).

Most RFC's have to do with protocols and how the internet should work. But not every RFC is an internet standard, and some RFC's are just jokes. You might think the jokes only belong to the wild and wooly days of the Internet, but they still come today: ftp://ftp.rfc-editor.org/in-notes/rfc3751.txt is the latest, dated April 1, 2004 (most joke RFC's are published on April Fools Day).

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"...which for many years was a single person named Jon Postel..."

Not only was Jon Postel the RFC editor up until his death in 1998, he was IANA -- the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. In that role, he handed out IP addresses as needed. Now there's a major sized bureaucracy (ICANN) doing what one guy working out of a cramped office used to do.



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