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I see Google Buzz as being a wonderful tool for real conversations. Unfortunately, too many people are seeing it as yet another Twitter.

Google has unfortunately helped create that bad impression by offering to republish Tweets in Buzz. That's a bad, bad idea: I've already shut that off in my account and I'd strongly advise everyone else to do the same ( though if you weren't misusing Twitter to begin with, this wouldn't have been as much of a problem as it is).

Google made another mistake in duplicating Buzz posts to your email. Some people may want that, but most of us probably do not. Right now, there doesn't seem to be a way to shut that off. You can try to create a filter to delete Buzz posts, but your filter runs the risk of deleting legitimate mail. Google needs to fix that.

Buzz also needs better organization. Related threads should be able to be grouped together. There's no way to do that now.

Is Buzz a bust? I don't know. I still think it could be very useful, but I also see that these errors could kill it before many people realize that.

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-> The bad side of google buzz


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Thu Feb 11 14:03:33 2010: 8067   TonyLawrence


I think the Public side of Buzz is causing people to ignore the potential of the private side.

For example: if everyone in your club or organization had gmail accounts, you could all have conversations in a private Buzz thread. No other tool offers that capability right now - only Buzz.

Thu Feb 11 15:09:10 2010: 8068   MarkBelanger


I don't have anything intelligent to say about buzz yet - but that's never stopped me from chiming in before.

The "private" potential is interesting. For me today, right now, and keeping in mind that I've only looked at for a day and a few buzzes(is that the term) ... I can't help but look at it through the lens of other tools I use on a daily basis - IM, twitter, facebook, and email. Via pidgin all my IM is roughly integrated in one place(skype, facebook, AOL, etc). posts to my web site automatically go to twitter and facebook. I check the actual facebook web page once or twice a day. Email is a paradigm I'm very comfortable with and my google calendar is integrated in that. So far, despite it's cool features, I don't see me dropping these other tools.

Like wave and facebook, I don't like that I have to go to this web page and use it within that framework. I would probably like it better if I could use it like another IM client via a pidgin plugin, skip all the WOW features and at least get the IM part if it pulled into my normal world. True or not, there seems to be a bit of a google-only feel to it so I wonder how many non-google users will flock to it.

All this may be dead wrong and I reserve the right to deny I said any of it after I've used buzz more.

Thu Feb 11 15:13:14 2010: 8069   BrettLegree


Agreed on both counts (Twitter feed turned off, Buzz posts need to be out of the Inbox or filtered) - I already did both. Too much noise.

Also, as we had both said earlier, keeping the number of people you follow small, and choosing people who don't follow a lot of others, makes it quite useful.

Thu Feb 11 21:34:42 2010: 8070   TonyLawrence


It would be better to also have a separate client for this. For one thing, it would be easier to bring in other people who do not necessarily want a Gmail account.

Yes, I'm aware that a Wave client is effectively that :-)

This would be less threatening than Wave - easier. But if Google insists upon people buying into Gmail, well, that's going to limit the spread. I have several groups that I would LOVE to bring together in Wave or this.. Wave is probably too confusing for some of them and most of the rest just would not do it if they have to get Gmail - yes, they could ignore and not use the Gmail, but a separate client would be much better.

Fri Feb 12 22:45:42 2010: 8080   ClaudeAlbaek


Have a look at this also.. Google really need to do more in-house work on this.



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