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Alexa Toolbar for Firefox

© December 2007 Anthony Lawrence

I don't know when they finally did this, but you can now get an Alexa Toolbar for Firefox (it used to be IE only).

Yeah, I know: what on earth do you need another toolbar for?

I don't know; you probably don't. I downloaded it because I do like to see how sites rank in Alexa, and also just because I want to keep supporting their stat gathering: they've been part of the web forever and while perhaps few give a hoot anymore, well, call me sentimental and old fashioned, but I do.

Yes, I know they've been bought by Amazon. I did not know (until a few minutes ago) that they now have some of their data available through www.alexa.com/site/devcorner/rss_feeds (link dead, sorry) RSS Feeds or that you could get bulk info about websites for 15 cents per thousand sites.

Yet I still wonder: if you aren't in the website arena, that is if you don't own a website or advertise on websites, why would you use their toolbar? Oh, yeah, they have that completely ridiculous and totally inaccurate "Related Sites" thing. Yeah, that's a big draw, isn't it? Seriously, why would Mom and Pop WebBrowser use the Alexa toolbar? I don't think they would, and therefore it has always been my suspicion that their stats are heavily skewed toward sites that are visited by people who WOULD download it: web developers, advertisers and the like. As a result, sites that talk about websites, advertising and such things (as we do here now and then) get artificially inflated stats.

Oh well.. I'm still glad to see that they now support Firefox.

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Wed Dec 12 00:11:28 2007: 3320   Pearl

I use firefox add-on SearchStatus, gives pagerank and compete info along with alexa rank and a whole lot of other stuff.


Wed Dec 12 00:24:59 2007: 3321   TonyLawrence

Oh, nooo... not another toolbar :-)

Thanks, I'll take a look..

Wed Dec 12 10:01:34 2007: 3322   ScottCarpenter

SearchStatus is pretty nice and unobtrusive. I have it sitting in the lower right status bar. I only use it to look at PageRank now.

Wed Dec 12 11:48:53 2007: 3323   TonyLawrence

I agree - thanks Pearl!


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