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Gapple redux

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Ok, I was just having some fun when I wrote about Gapple last year. But John Dvorak (yes, I know he's nuts sometimes) is now talking about Google fighting Microsoft on the OS front and sheesh, it almost makes sense.

John's basic premise is that Microsoft is sticking its nose into advertising, so why wouldn't Google fight back on the OS front? It's not inconceivable and in some ways it might even sound possible, but..

I don't really think Google could do it.

Maybe it's just me, but when I look at the history of Google software, I just don't see the commitment to the user that both Microsoft and Apple have. I see long running betas, I see apparent unawareness of features that are important to users, and even more corporate arrogance and secrecy than either Apple or Microsoft - as amazing as that sounds!

John might be right: maybe there is a secret pocket of OS developers deep in the bowels of the Google Monster. Maybe Google will release a free OS. But if they do, my guess would be that it won't even come close to Vista, never mind Apple's Leopard, and that it will be buggy, annoying and of little interest to anyone. People who read this kind of website might download it and install it in a VM, but I can't see it getting any real traction.

Of course, they could surprise me. Wouldn't that be fun?

March 2011:

Bing is pushing hard against Google - not gaining much, but pushing hard. Apple is the one to watch here with their new iAd program. Google is locked out of that - though of course they can still have the Android market.

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