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Google recently announced that they can display information about authors in their search results. You may not have seen or noticed these yet because not a lot of people have created the needed links that let Google know who they are.

Google authorship

I've added these links for my articles here but haven't yet seen my smiling face show up in Google search results, which is why I had to use somebody else in the image above. I assume that I will show up eventually, although Google does say "certain results will display an author's picture and name" which may mean "only people we think are important" - I don't know.

I saw no harm in trying, though, and if you are an author here, I'm happy to add appropriate links on your articles.

You do need a Google profile to make this magic happen (again, assuming it will happen at all, which is still a question in my mind). In your Google Profile, you need to add this site to the "Contributor" to section.

Google profile

Once you have done that, you need to send me the link to your Google profile. All I really need is the long series of numbers, but you can send me the whole link if you want. I'll check it to make sure you have correctly edited your profile and then I will add the necessary code to your articles.

Again, I have no idea if or when it will show up in search results. Aside from any other reason Google might have for not doing this, they do warn that your profile picture must be a "good, recognizable headshot". That means that using a picture of a cartoon character might well be cause for Google not to link to you.

There is an alternative way to do this using your email address. See Author information in search results(link dead, see above) if you want to do it that way - in that case, I just need to know that you did that rather than using the "Contributor to" method.

Oddly, Google says that second method is "recommended for sites with content by multiple authors". I don't see why - I would think authors would want the "Contributor to" link at their profiles as yet another way to help people find their content. I'd also think that many might not want to expose their email address. Oh well - I can do either or both.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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