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Reinstating Site Forum

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I'm reinstating the Site Forum today. I had discontinued it because of the incredible volume of spam and foolish posts (posts that could have been answered by searching the site).

You can use this for questions and articles. All submissions will be moderated before appearing on the site. If your post is inappropriate but not spam, you will get a response as long as you included your email. ANY POSTS TO THE FORUM WITHOUT A VALID EMAIL WILL BE REJECTED.

I think I have enough spam controls in place now to prevent this from becoming a major problem again. Moderating those posts will help, so I think it will be OK this time.

Moderation will also let me redirect things that rightfully belong attached to something else. That was a big problem last time - it's best to keep related things together, but posters may not realize where related things can be found. I can get such posts where they belong through the moderation delay.

Authors wanting to post articles may use this method also.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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Tue Jan 15 15:57:57 2008: 3483   rbailin

I'd completely forgotten about the forum! But after looking at the forum page, I don't have a clue as to how it's organized. No categories, not sorted by date or by subject. How do you expect it to be used?


Tue Jan 15 16:03:22 2008: 3484   TonyLawrence

Well, that was part of the reason I killed it.. moderating new entries will let me force organization.

Good point though on existing entries - I'll think about how I can bring some order to that stuff..


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