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Intellectual property revolution?

© October 2005 Tony Lawrence

The ridiculous extremes of bad patents, never ending copyrights, and the seeming willingness of courts to grant exclusive use to quite obvious ideas is one of the more disturbing aspects of our current society. Innovation is smothered, only the largest companies can afford to fight challenges, the whole damn thing is a mess of corporate greed and political short-sightedness.

Fortunately, there are people trying to change laws. I'm certainly not the first or the last person to scream that computer code should never have been patentable, that copyright terms run far too long for many inventions, and that methods (click here to do that) are far too trivial to be offered any protection at all.

It's all gone way too far. It's time to wipe it all out and start fresh.

Link: A Charter for the Future of Intellectual Property

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-> Intellectual property revolution?

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Thu Oct 27 14:35:26 2005: 1254   drag

Although I am sure you've read the document or heard of RMS's stance on the terminology.. but I figure it is something that goes along with this topic pretty well.


His basic stance, as I understand it, is that 'intellectual property' is a term that is specificly designed and used to confuse people. It makes thinking on the subject overly simplistic and it muddies the issues. Which seems pretty accurate.


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