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another strange terminal problem

© May 2005 anonymous

Author: anonymous
Date: Tue May 17 13:51:33 2005
Subject: another strange terminal problem

I have 2 sco 5.0.5 systems that I support and I use CRT as my terminal emulator for both. The strangeness is with unix utility programs i.e. more, page etc. that need to know where the bottom line is AND if the screen has been resized to more than 80 lines ONE of the boxes does not work properly. Instead of pausing at the bottom line it jumps up to line 80 and resumes from there. I have ruled out everything I can think of - stty, terminfo, CRT - but cannot get the one box to behave.


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-> another strange terminal problem


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Tue May 17 14:00:05 2005: 517   BigDumbDinosaur

...if the screen has been resized to more than 80 lines...The scoansi screen can only display 25 lines in its normal configuration. Are you sure you have things correctly set up?

Tue May 17 14:33:44 2005: 518   TonyLawrence

I think he might mean more than 80 lines (I mean CHARACTERS!) wide - which means it has to do with wrapping or not wrapping lines, most likely.

Tue May 17 16:23:03 2005: 519   TonyLawrence

BTW, "anonymous" posted the same article twice - I removed the duplicate.

Tue May 17 18:36:43 2005: 520   anonymous

I actually tried to post a correction - I meant to say 25 lines not 80 lines. And as it turns out the misbehaving sco is version 5.0.4 not 5.0.5 like I thought.

Tue May 17 18:53:12 2005: 521   TonyLawrence

Oh, sorry - I have no provision for correcting articles. Do it with a comment or just send me email and I'll fix it.

Wed May 18 01:04:19 2005: 531   anonymous

`less` has modes which do what I think you're trying to describe. Start it up on a long file (`less /etc/termcap`), then hit "-c" a couple of times, "-C" a couple of times. Those toggle the two settings I'm thinking of. Do this on both machines, see if the defaults are different.

`less` responds to environment variables $LESS (and maybe $MORE), check if the different machines have different settings.

Check whether $TERM differs on the two machines.

I think what you're describing is like the "Application" mode on a Wyse 60: instead of scrolling, new data starts over at the top of the screen? If so, it's possible that the CRT emulation responds to an escape sequence that sets that mode. But then it would happen in everything, not just paging utilities. `ls -l` of a 50-file directory would page over itself.


Wed May 18 05:54:37 2005: 535   KimPetersen

have you tried to set the LINES and COLUMNS environment variables ?

Fri May 20 07:45:16 2005: 554   anonymous

(came across this by accident)

On other brands (not use SCO for some time) 'eval resize' before a curses program works for me.



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