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Author: anonymous
Date: Thu Oct 20 12:48:18 2005
Subject: Open Document

It seems there's a on-going campaign by Microsoft's surrogates in the media to spread FUD about Massachusetts' announcement that they will use OpenDocument from 2007. For example, it's been claimed that taxpayers' money will be wasted on converting old documents, whereas Massachusetts specifically said that the decision would only apply to new documents. Several other false claims have also been made - with the aim, one can only suppose, of inducing F, U, and D. The truth is Redmond hasn't a leg to stand on in this controversy and we should expect to see many more lies in future:

"A lot of misinformation about the OpenDocument digital format has started to appear in the mainstream media and interest groups. Answers to many questions on the topic already have appeared, but they are written by techies for techies. This article is different, however. You can print out this one and pass it on to everyone, regardless of their computer skill level."


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