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trouble replacing second drive

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Author: anonymous
Date: Wed Jul 13 11:03:24 2005
Subject: trouble replacing second drive

I am running OSR 5.0.5 with dual hard drives. They are setup as master and slave with the slave being updated once a day. I have recently has to replace the master with the slave drive and added a new slave drive. However when i try to add the new slave drive to the system with the following command mkdev hd 1 0 I get the following error.

/usr/lib/mkdev/hd: fixperm: not found 
Error testing for Link Kit.  Exiting.  

Any thought or suggestions on how i could add this drive to the system

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-> trouble replacing second drive

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Wed Jul 13 11:13:20 2005: 791   TonyLawrence

Aside from any other issues, you don't need to run "mkdev hd" (which is ALL you should type, by the way - let it ask you the questions).

You already had two hard drives. The slave is already in your kernel. Absolutely NO need to run "mkdev hd" here. If the drive needs a filesystem, run "divvy", not "mkdev".


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