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Impression ASCII extended characters (Spanish)

© June 2005 anonymous

Author: anonymous
Date: Fri Jun 10 06:44:48 2005
Subject: Impression ASCII extended characters (Spanish)

When printing a document with spanish extended characters (a acute, e acute, etc...) the characters are not printed correctly.

In the emulation session these characters are seen well.

LOCALE variable = spanish_spain.8859

The printer is a Lexmark OPTRA S1650 configured with a lexmark print server and defined in the 'SCOADMIN PRINTER MANAGER' with a remote UNIX printer

SCO OpenServer 5.0.6

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-> Impression ASCII extended characters (Spanish)


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Fri Jun 10 11:41:37 2005: 641   TonyLawrence

I've seen this post in other places around the net and it has gone without answer.

Probably has nothing to do with the OS and everything to do with the characters sent to the printer - in other words, a printer driver issue.

Fri Jun 10 12:33:09 2005: 642   anonymous

Thanks for the answer,
but as I can modify the driver of the printer?

Fri Jun 10 13:19:53 2005: 643   TonyLawrence

Of course you can. See (link)

That's assuming you are sending text. If your app is generating escape sequences intended to produce this effect, that's what needs fixing.

Of course you also need to know WHAT needs to be send to get what you want.

Mon Jun 13 11:04:30 2005: 649   anonymous

do what you say


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