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Randal Schwartz's Perls of Wisdom

© December 2004 Tony Lawrence
December 2004

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Randal Schwartz was co-author of the first and second editions of the Perl Camel Book and of another of my favorites, Learning Perl.

He's also been a very active columnist for various magazines like Unix Review, Perl Journal, and Linux Magazine. He's apparently written over 200 articles, and while I did catch quite a few, I've missed most of them, either from just coming late to Perl as I did, or not subscribing to the right magazine at the right time.

Well, here are over seventy of his best Perl columns, all packaged together with some added comments. There's just so much here; for me, reading the table of contents was really like the "kid in the candy store" - I couldn't decide what I wanted to read first. Just the titles alone tantalized me: "Have You Ever Meta-Indexed Like This?", "Taint So Easy, Is It?", "Deep Copying, Not Deep Secrets", "Throttling Your Web Server" - where was I going to start? I gave up and just dove right in, and just forgot about everything else that I was supposed to be doing. Randal writes with style and wit, lucidly explaining Perl concepts with numerous examples and clear logic.

If you have never had the pleasure of reading Randal Schwartz, click on over to https://www.apress.com/book/bookDisplay.html?bID=307 and read a sample. Check out the table of contents and see why it made my mouth water.

If you are a Perl fan, you will enjoy this. Highly recommended.

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---January 2, 2005

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