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Network Printing by Todd Radermacher & Mathew Gast

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I'll give this a lukewarm endorsement. It's pretty good for what it covers, but it leaves out too much. Perhaps the title should have been "Network printing from the viewpoint of a BSD-centric administrator".

Oh, it's not that System V and Microsoft printing aren't covered at all; they are, but lightly. And LPRng gets some coverage (though CUPS is noticeably absent). Even Mac and Netware printing get some page space, as does Samba, but it's all pretty basic, just a glossy overview.

I liked the "Brief History of Printing and Publishing" chapter. There's also an interesting chapter on using a LDAP database to manage and configure printers, some mention of SNMP management, and even a little bit about accounting and security. As I said, it's not a bad book at all; I just wish it had been more encompassing and more detailed.

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-> Network Printing by Todd Radermacher & MathewGast

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