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January 2000

Amazon Order (or just read more about) LDAP- Timothy A. Howes, Mark C. Smith

This is a comprehensive book about LDAP (see LDAP Basics). You'd expect as much, given that the authors were the original developers of it.

It's not a bad book. I wish it had started out with command line examples rather than theory and C examples, I wish that the examples given actually worked, but I did appreciate that this is probably an excellent reference for AFTER you learn your way around. It doesn't talk much at all about setting up an LDAP server; the assumption is that the server is already up and running.

One of the Amazon reviewers griped that the sample c code wouldn't even compile. I didn't try any of it- for one reason because although you can supossedly download the code from MacMillan's (the publisher) web site, the link given doesn't work, and I couldn't even find the BOOK on their site, never mind the code- but I don't think that's too critical. The examples seemed to me to be more the sort you'd read for inspiration and usage rather than actually building on them.

Nonetheless, this book is more about theory than application. Each command/API call is clearly explained and detailed.

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