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We've moved, and I just don't have as much space for bookshelves as I used to. Because of that, I'm selling a lot of my computer books.

I'll be cataloging these slowly, but if you see anything in the Book Reviews section that you'd like, write to me (tony) .. (at) .. (aplawrence.com) to see if I still have it. Generally prices will be 33% or less of original price and will include shipping to continental U.S.A. addresses (no shipping outside of U.S., sorry: just not worth the hassle).

Some of these books are as good as new, some have been read a few times and could have minor markups, page folds, etc. I'm happy to completely describe the condition when you inquire.

I'll be accepting payment by PayPal only. Shipment will be post office book rate unless you want to pay extra for UPS.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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Inexpensive and informative Apple related e-books:

Digital Sharing Crash Course

Take Control of Apple Mail, Third Edition

Take Control of High Sierra

Take Control of Numbers

Take Control of OS X Server

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Fri Apr 28 15:41:19 2006: 1972   BigDumbDinosaur

D'you mean to say that you have a copy of every tome listed on the book reviews page? If so, you must have blisters on your butt from all the time spent in the bathroom reading. <Grin> And I though I had a lot of computer books!

Fri Apr 28 15:48:51 2006: 1973   TonyLawrence

Pretty much, yes, I do. I don't review something I don't have in hand.

I have given a few away to friends, and have sold some already, but I have hundreds and hundreds of them still here.. that's why I need to move 'em out cheap.

Sat Apr 29 13:10:31 2006: 1978   TonyLawrence

I'm trying to think of other creative ways to move these books out of here.

I don't care about making money from them, except that it takes time and of course postage to ship them, so I can't offer them for free.


I'm thinking of articles and promotion.

Submit an article that I accept, choose a free book.
Get an article here linked to from some other site, choose a free book.

That kind of thing. Of course the book you want may be unavailable, but there's lots of others to choose from, and I'll pay the postage, so it really is free (continental U.S. only, sorry).

I also have a bunch of old computer magazines; those are available also. Some of these are fun to read (especially if you lived through the time they write about).

Sun Apr 30 15:31:01 2006: 1980   BigDumbDinosaur

I also have a bunch of old computer magazines...

How old are we talking? Are these from around the time when Commodore PETs were new and the Trash-80 was king of the Radio Shack lineup?

Sun Apr 30 22:33:27 2006: 1981   TonyLawrence

Yes, I have quite a few from that era; especially a large number of TRS-80 Magazine, II/16, Creative Computing, etc.

Wed May 3 18:08:01 2006: 2002   rbailin

Tony, you can list any or all of your books at no charge for renewable 60-day periods on amazon.com. You can set any price you wish and Amazon takes a 15-25% cut of the final sales price. They also automatically charge the buyer $3.49 to cover book rate shipping costs and pass along a percentage to you to cover your costs.

After signing up for a free seller account and linking a checking account to it so that you can get paid, all you have to do is locate the book among the 2-3 million they list, click on the sell-yours-now button, rate its condition, supply an optional description, price it and wait for it to sell. If it doesn't sell in 60 days, they email you a renewal notice and you can opt to renew for another 60 days.

I've been using the service since January and have found it useful to get rid of dozens of books that no longer are (to me).


Wed May 3 18:13:30 2006: 2003   TonyLawrence

Yeah, I've done that, but frankly they are kind of a pain to deal with.. they take a healthy bite and don't allow enough for shipping. I do list the more expensive books there as I get to them.


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