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install sco division partition size

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From: Tom Parsons <cis@tegan.com>
Subject: Re: Openserver 5.0.6 newbie help 'dfspace'
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 00:24:48 GMT
References: <JqAz7.531704$Lw3.32318655@news2.aus1.giganews.com>
<tt99ounrcbpb30@corp.supernews.com> Bus Driver enscribed: | First off, thank you VERY much for all the comments. I will try and keep | each post to a specific topic. | | My name is "Jeff", but I post with screwy names and email, as I get ENOUGH | spam as it is! | | I wanted to ask about install. | | I am presuming that 5.0.6 no longer has the 8GB barrier limit? | | Well, when I setup SCO on a 20GB drive, I use the following partitions: No, you did not. You created 1 partition with several divisions within the partition. With OpenServer, you can have 4 partitions on a disk drive and within each partition, 7 divisions. Divisions in the non-root partition can be used as regular filesystems but I don't think it possible to split stand and root across partitions.

| /root = 10GB

Much too big.  1.2 - 1.5 gig is more than adequate.  Put non-distribution
files in other divisions.

| /swap = 2GB

How much memory do you have?  That's way too much swap unless you are
running a development environment with more than a gig of memory AND
really do want to analyze core dumps.

| /stand = 100MB

Another waste of disk space.  Unless you are mucking around where you
don't belong, /stand will not never get close to 20 meg.

| Install runs fine, yet dfspace or df -B, shows an incorrect value. It shows
| /u as 13GB and /root as 6GB.

Did you try to resize these divisions without unloading and reloading
the OS?

| I dont know what I am missing here...Next, I will try a "use full disk for
| UNIX" install.

Which will give you a 20 meg /stand, suggest a reasonable size for swap
and let you decide how to divide the remaining space between root and
a /u filesystem.  The ISL actually asks you for the size of the /u
filesystem and uses the remainder for the root division.
 Tom Parsons                   tom@tegan.com 

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