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From: Michael Lee Yohe <myohe+USENET@redhat.com>
Subject: Re: RH7.1 -> 2.4.12
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 11:20:26 -0500
References: <b170f2b4.0110142231.58545f30@posting.google.com> 

> Wondering if I did this right.  I'm relatively new to doing things
> within a RedHat framework; newly concerned with things like RPM
> manageability, I'm somewhat paranoid.  Any pointers or affirmations
> would be greatly appreciated.
> I needed functionality from the newer 2.4.x kernel (specifically, USB
> support for my Clie), but RedHat only has 2.4.3-12 on their updates
> site.  So I downloaded and installed kernel-source-2.4.3-12.i386.rpm 

You can always opt to go for the Rawhide version of the kernel - 
available in source RPM.  There is often a much-more recent version of 
the kernel available for you to tinker with.  Mind you, after installing 
a Red Hat source RPM-based kernel, do a make mrproper, and then copy the 
.config file for the default configuration you wish to support.


Michael Lee Yohe (myohe+USENET@redhat.com)
Software Developer, Engineering Services
Red Hat, Inc.

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