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lotus wordperfect page length printing

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Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 13:07:13 -0400
From: Tony Lawrence <tony@aplawrence.com>
Subject: Re: HP 970CSe Printing Problems

"Alyssa, Jay & Tracy Kingston" wrote:
> Hi Tony:
> Thanks for the information, I appreciate your help. I looked on the HP web
> site and found the control codes for the DeskJet series that I am working
> with. I am not sure but I think that Lotus prints the multiple page jobs
> fine. Where it appears to run into trouble is when the job finishes and the
> next job is started. I am inclined to think that the problem is when a job
> completes and starts the next job, something may be missing instructing the
> printer that the job is complete. I will check into it further.

The way to find out is to "disable printername", print, and then look in
/usr/spool/lp/temp to see what Lotus actually sent.  Read the
/SCOFAQ/scotec7.html if you don't understand that.

> As far as WP 5.1 Unix is concerned your probably right. I will look at the
> manual and see what words of wisdom it has. One question, what is the name
> of the system spooler? If I have to select this I should know what I am
> selecting, perhaps the manual will cover this as well.

Whatever printer you want to use: the same names that show up in lpstat.

> One last question, the client wants to upgrade the version of SCO Unix that
> they are currently running (version 5.0.5a). I know that 5.0.6 is available,
> any thoughts or gottchas to know about before hand? I have downloaded the
> upgrade instruction sheet and I have been going through this but any
> practical experience would be appreciated.

See /Unixart/upgrades.html

Tony Lawrence
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