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Although the post below was correct when I wrote it, SCO has finally made CD images available for download - though only the most recent versions.

If SCO hasn't gone belly up, you may find what you need at SELF-HELP SERVICES

Don't count on finding it though..

I have been told that if you call them, you may be able to get older versions for a fee.

Taken from a newsgroup post

From: Tony Lawrence <tony@aplawrence.com>
Subject: Re: SCO Download
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2001 20:43:27 GMT

Fred Flintstone wrote:
> On Sun, 07 Oct 2001 16:26:36 GMT, Tony Lawrence <tony@aplawrence.com>
> wrote:
> >Val & Chris wrote:
> >>
> >> Is it possible to download the ISO images for SCO OpenServer
> >> rather than having to purchase the media kit ???
> >
> >
> >No.
> Surely the answer is yes..
> BTW I am new to this scene, i.e. Linux/Unix, but recently I have
> downloaded both OpenWorkstation and OpenServer from SCO (Caldera)
> AFAIK you can download the OpenServer 3.1 from here
> https://www.sco.com/products/server/
> or direct to the ftp server
> ftp://ftp.iso.sco.com/pub/OpenLinux/3.1/Server/OpenLinux3.1_Server_CD1.iso

Sorry, but no:  that's NOT OSR5 or Unixware.

These products have NEVER been available for download, and I would guess
that it makes good marketing sense to leave it that way.  However, you
never know.

You downloaded Linux.

Tony Lawrence
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