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From: "Brian K. White" <linut@squonk.net>
Newsgroups: comp.unix.sco.misc,comp.windows.x.kde
Subject: Re: Problem with jpeg and QT
References: <8sqgek$3ti$04$1@news.t-online.com>
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 02:15:48 GMT

Martin Wozenilek wrote:
> Hi all,
> again me with (i suggest) a stupid question. But I've tried the hole night
> ... without success.
> I'm running a SCO OSR 506 with the KDE 1.1.2 and QT 1.44 (from the SCO
> Skunkware).
> From the KDE I'm not able to open jpeg's. I've tried to reinstall the QT.
> I've tried the original source from Trolltech. But when I use the original
> source from Trolltech instead of the VOL's from SCO the KDE won't start and
> tells me he could not find a symbol for "sys_nerr".
> Grrrr....
> I've searched the all the QT files installed from the SCO VOL's but was not
> able to figure out how to enable jpeg support. There is no configure file
> which I can tell I want to use jpegs.
> What's wrong?
> Now I will turn off my box, open a good bottle of wine and think about me
> and my SCO ;-))
> Martin

you need to install Glib from skunkware

here is how you can diagnose a problem like this:

kprogram doesn't work...
ldd /path/to/kprogram

you see something like:

loaded libfoo.so = /usr/local/lib/libfoo.so.1.2.3
loaded libsnaf.so.2 = /usr/lib/libsnaf.so.2.0.1
error loading libjpeg

then you look in the lib path directories to see if it's there but perhaps
missing a symlink to a shorter name or perhaps in some directory that is
not searched during program-load...

find /usr/lib -name libjpeg.* -print
 if no find then
find /usr/local/lib -name libjpeg.* -print
 if still no find then
find / -name libjpeg.* -print
 and take a nap while it scans the whole drive...

as it happens, the skunkware kde binaries have hardcoded paths in them to
the libraries, and that path is *not* one that is usually search by the
system when loading a normal program, so you only need to look in

if the output of kprogram said 
error loading /usr/local/lib/libjpeg.so.6
then there must exist that exact filename. if there exists a
/usr/local/lib/libjpeg.so.6.0b or some such, it might be the right version
and you can try it by making a symlink
cd /usr/local/lib
ln -s libjpeg.so.6 libjpeg.so.6.0b
(for example)
if the programs crash after this, or simply still don't work, then that
was a different version of libjepeg than the programs were compiled
against, so you have to go get the libs. same goes if there is no libjpeg
found anywhere.

but again, in this case I happen to already know just want to just go and
install the library package...drumroll...
***that was mentioned in the installation documentation as being required
either for kde or for qt, perhaps both, aka: Glib***

make sure to get it from the same "version" of skunkware that kde and qt
came from if you got those from a CD instead of from the ftp site.

Brian K. White                   https://www.squonk.net/users/linut
filePro BBx  Linux SCO  Prosper/FACTS AutoCAD  #callahans Satriani

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