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From: Tony Lawrence <tony@aplawrence.com>
Newsgroups: comp.unix.sco.misc
Subject: Re: Traffic on c.u.sco.*
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 09:28:16 -0400

Peter wrote:
> Hi,
> it looks like the traffic on the sco-ngs has dramatic decreased?!
> It' only my feeling?

That's my impression, too.  I'd estimate comp.os.linux.misc
is running easily 10 times the traffic of this; maybe more-
of course the newbie ratio is incredible, and the business
(as opposed to home use) is extremely low, so I dunno what
conclusions you can draw from that.

I think we have to reluctantly accept that OSR5, while not
dead, is now damaged goods.  Those of us who earn our living
supporting it no doubt will have plenty of customers for at
least a few years, but unless Caldera somehow breathes new
life into it and brings it up to date (> 2GB fs, etc.)  I
think that more and more of that business will be what I
call "Dr. Kevorkian gigs" - taking down the OSR5 and
replacing it with Linux and rarely) with Unixware. And, of
course, some part of it will go NT and Win2k- probably more
than we'd like, especially for those of us who don't want to
work in that environment unless and until it's the only way
we can survive. Actually, if that day comes, I'm going to go
do something else- there's no point in doing work you hate.

Speaking of all that, I had a curious thought the other
day:  SCO and all the would be Intel Unix vendors had their
sales model upside down.  What they should have done was
make the base single user OS, including devsys, close to
free, and charged for user licenses and business addons like
better fs's, extended memory support, smp and so on.  Had
they done that, Linux never would have existed, Unix could
have competed on the desktop, and the infiltration into
server rooms would have been much higher.

Too late now, of course- or maybe it isn't.

Tony Lawrence (tony@aplawrence.com)
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