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Creating desktop icons Mac and Linux

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It's not always obvious how to do this. On Windows and Linux, right clicking on your desktop gives you the option, but Mac OS X does not.

However, Mac can still do this - see How to make Mac desktop shortcuts.

From: mhgraham@fleabag.nullhouse.org (Dances With Crows)
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.misc
Subject: Re: newbie question
Date: 03 May 2000 16:51:26 EDT
Message-ID: <slrn8h17pl.228.mhgraham@fleabag.nullhouse.org> 

On Wed, 3 May 2000 13:24:00 -0700, SIMO MOARI 
<<39108869$0$212@nntp1.ba.best.com>> shouted forth into the ether:
>         i've installed redhat 6.1 and i can connect thru' dhcp and browse
>the internet. i've one question to ask may be silly, i want to put icons in
>the desktop, how do i do that and is there any good website that are useful
>for newbie users like me. i'm running kde desktop.

Did you try looking in the *KDE Help Browser* for a basic KDE tutorial?  
RH's install puts that in the kpanel at the bottom of the screen.  That
will get you started; the icon looks like a book and a lightbulb.

There should be a folder visible called "Templates".  If you want to
create a desktop icon for a certain program, copy the "Program" file from
the Templates folder onto the desktop.  Then right-click on the program
template, select Properties, and config it to your heart's content... RH
ships with a bunch of icons; you can make the thing look like many things
by clicking on the default "gear" icon in the Properties dialog.

https://www.kde.org   (KDE specific stuff)

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From: set@ucsee.EECS.Berkeley.EDU (Sam E. Trenholme)
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.misc
Subject: Re: newbie question
Date: 3 May 2000 13:51:34 -0700
Message-ID: <8eq3gm$c4r$1@ucsee.EECS.Berkeley.EDU> 

The way you put news items in the desktop in Kde is very simple:  Right
click (click on the right mouse button) on the desktop (click on the right
mouse button when your mouse cursor is on the desktop and looks like a big

- Sam


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