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prevent mac os x mounting drives

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From: "Tony  Lawrence" <pcu...@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: How to Disable Automatic Mounting of External Drives
Date: 26 Dec 2006 05:55:46 -0800
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TaliesinSoft wrote:
> Yes, I've ranted on this issue before, but I'm still hoping that perhaps
> there is a successful solution to my grump.
> Here's the situation....
> I have several external drives attached to my MacBook Pro. My preference is
> that these drives remain unmounted until needed. Two of them are used for
> SuperDuper! backups and one for storage of video projects. SuperDuper! will
> automatically mount and unmount the drives containing backup target volumes
> when the backup runs are made. I have no problem mounting and unmounting the
> video projects drive myself.

See Prevent a given partition from mounting at boot at Macosxhints.com

It's interesting that OS X pays attention to fstab even though it
doesn't use it by default..

Tony Lawrence
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-> prevent mac os x mounting drives

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