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Install HBA without floppy during OSR 6 install

© December 2006 (various authors)

From: jbol...@sco.com
Subject: Re: Install HBA without floppy during OSR 6 install
Date: 7 Dec 2006 04:54:00 -0800
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willjay wrote:
> Is there a way to install an HBA without the use of a floppy drive
> during OSR 6 install.  May be with a burned CD or DVD.  More systems
> are coming with out floppy. I am not all that thrilled to buy a USB
> floppy and will that even work.

OpenServer 6 supports HBA installation at install time from floppy and
from CD.

If you have a HBA as a floppy image then you can convert it to an iso
as follows:

You can convert a HBA floppy image to an iso image as follows:

1) Log into an existing OpenServer 6.0.0 or UnixWare 7.1.4 system as

2) Download/copy the floppy image into a temporary directory, e.g.


3) Mount the floppy image using:

          mount `marry -a /tmp/floppy.image` /mnt

4) Use mkisofs(8) to create an iso image of the HBA as follows:

          mkisofs -o hba.iso  -r  /mnt

5) Use cdrecord(1) to burn the iso image to CDROM. e.g.

          cdrecord -v -dev=c,b,t -dao -driveropts=burnfree -speed=99

          where c,b,t is taken from the output of the command:

          cdrecord --scanbus


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-> Install HBA without floppy

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