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gcc vs. cc sco (SCO Unix)

© January 2006 (various authors)

Taken from a newsgroup post

From: "Brian K. White" <brian@aljex.com>
Subject: Re: Installing Bit::Vector module in Perl
Date: 10 Jan 2006 17:42:22 -0500
Message-ID: <014601c61637$19fb74c0$931fa8c0@venti> 
References: <5aVwf.177512$2k.20445@pd7tw1no> 

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Skot" <skot@canada.com>
Newsgroups: comp.unix.sco.misc
Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 3:54 PM
Subject: Installing Bit::Vector module in Perl

> I'm trying to install Bit::Vector module (a prereq for Date::Calc) and 
> can't seem to get past these errors.  Can anyone help with this?
> CPAN: Storable loaded ok
> Going to read /u1/mis01/.cpan/Metadata
>   Database was generated on Mon, 09 Jan 2006 23:09:55 GMT
> Running install for module Bit::Vector
> Running make for S/ST/STBEY/Bit-Vector-6.4.tar.gz
> CPAN: Digest::MD5 loaded ok
> CPAN: Compress::Zlib loaded ok
> Checksum for 
> /u1/mis01/.cpan/sources/authors/id/S/ST/STBEY/Bit-Vector-6.4.tar.gz ok
> Scanning cache /u1/mis01/.cpan/build for sizes
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/examples/benchmk2.pl, 664 bytes, 2 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/examples/SetObject.pl, 4210 bytes, 9 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/examples/benchmk1.pl, 467 bytes, 1 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/examples/benchmk3.pl, 1050 bytes, 3 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/examples/primes.pl, 2623 bytes, 6 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/examples/test.c, 3814 bytes, 8 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/BitVector.c, 115357 bytes, 226 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/Vector.pod, 103023 bytes, 202 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/GNU_LGPL.txt, 25273 bytes, 50 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/01________new.t, 9838 bytes, 20 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/03_operations.t, 15037 bytes, 30 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/30_overloaded.t, 22809 bytes, 45 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/15________add.t, 5451 bytes, 11 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/02____destroy.t, 1870 bytes, 4 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/05_____primes.t, 4566 bytes, 9 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/12_____string.t, 8217 bytes, 17 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/08_____resize.t, 5786 bytes, 12 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/10__intervals.t, 8447 bytes, 17 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/40__auxiliary.t, 8487 bytes, 17 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/11______shift.t, 5895 bytes, 12 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/04__functions.t, 2507 bytes, 5 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/09_parameters.t, 16708 bytes, 33 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/28__chunklist.t, 1569 bytes, 4 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/00____version.t, 2278 bytes, 5 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/13__increment.t, 2495 bytes, 5 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/07____compare.t, 4919 bytes, 10 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/16___subtract.t, 5461 bytes, 11 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/17________gcd.t, 3247 bytes, 7 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/14______empty.t, 1971 bytes, 4 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/t/06_____subset.t, 1413 bytes, 3 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/BitVector.h, 20321 bytes, 40 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/MANIFEST, 783 bytes, 2 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/GNU_GPL.txt, 17985 bytes, 36 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/CREDITS.txt, 9156 bytes, 18 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/lib/Bit/Vector/Overload.pm, 27373 bytes, 54 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/lib/Bit/Vector/String.pod, 14748 bytes, 29 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/lib/Bit/Vector/Overload.pod, 43738 bytes, 86 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/lib/Bit/Vector/String.pm, 6954 bytes, 14 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/ToolBox.h, 8861 bytes, 18 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/Vector.pm, 986 bytes, 2 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/typemap, 995 bytes, 2 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/INSTALL.txt, 8881 bytes, 18 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/CHANGES.txt, 13258 bytes, 26 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/Makefile.PL, 1980 bytes, 4 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/Vector.xs, 74061 bytes, 145 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/Artistic.txt, 6111 bytes, 12 tape blocks
> x Bit-Vector-6.4/README.txt, 14215 bytes, 28 tape blocks
> Removing previously used /u1/mis01/.cpan/build/Bit-Vector-6.4
>   CPAN.pm: Going to build S/ST/STBEY/Bit-Vector-6.4.tar.gz
> Checking if your kit is complete...
> Looks good
> Writing Makefile for Bit::Vector
> Writing patchlevel.h for /usr/bin/perl (5.008007)
> cp lib/Bit/Vector/Overload.pm blib/lib/Bit/Vector/Overload.pm
> cp Vector.pm blib/lib/Bit/Vector.pm
> cp Vector.pod blib/lib/Bit/Vector.pod
> cp lib/Bit/Vector/String.pod blib/lib/Bit/Vector/String.pod
> cp lib/Bit/Vector/Overload.pod blib/lib/Bit/Vector/Overload.pod
> cp lib/Bit/Vector/String.pm blib/lib/Bit/Vector/String.pm
>         gcc -c    -DPERL_SCO -DPERL_SCO507 -DHAS_FPSETMASK -D_REENTRANT -march=i586 
>  -mcpu=i586 -O6 -fomit-frame-pointer    -DVERSION=\"6.4\" -DXS_VERSION=\"6.4\" 
>  -fPIC "-I/usr/lib/perl5/5.8/i586-pc-sco3.2v5.0/CORE"   BitVector.c
> gcc: installation problem, cannot exec `as': No such file or directory
> *** Error code 1 (bu21)
>   /bin/make  -- NOT OK
> Running make test
>   Can't test without successful make
> Running make install
>   make had returned bad status, install seems impossible
> Cheers

"which as" or "whence as" should return
"ls -l /bin/as" should return
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     sys           31 Apr  5  2005 /bin/as -> 

Install: "SCO OpenServer Linker and Application Development Libraries" from 
the install cd.
and then patch it with MP4
(but do everything and in the order I showed)

It seems like you installed the full dev sys because you have a make in your 
path that is not gnu make.
Is the dev sys licenced? Has it ever worked?
Yet the build process above is trying to use gcc not cc.
This isn't your main problem but you always want to make sure any build 
process uses either all gnu stuff or all native stuff.
In this case, either stop it from finding /bin/make and make it find 
/usr/gnu/bin/make, or stop it from using gcc and make it use cc.

After doing what I said, it should find "as" correctly but may still find 
/bin/make incorrectly. I'd either make /usr/gnu/bin come earlier in the PATH 
than /bin, or remove the devsys package since it doesn't seem to be working 
anyway and is probably not licenced. I'm not being a prude when I talk about 
the licence. The key binaries don't actually work unless it's licenced and 
so you don't want them in your PATH where build processes will find them and 
try to use them.

The linker package is free and includes "as" and "ld" binaries that will 
The gnutools package is free and includes gcc and gnu make that will work.
And both will work together more or less smoothly, especially if the real 
devsys is not installed to confuse makefiles and ./configure scripts into 
making the wrong decisions.

You might also try ln -s /usr/gnu/bin/gas /usr/gnu/bin/as to make it find 
and use the gnu assemler but I don't recommend that as a solution.
The real solution is to clean up your install and get the latest versions of 
the parts while at it, which is what I described already.

Brian K. White  --  brian@aljex.com  --  https://www.aljex.com/bkw/
filePro  BBx    Linux  SCO  FreeBSD    #callahans  Satriani  Filk!

Got something to add? Send me email.

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