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bynari vs. sendmail, sendmail for windows

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From: bv@wjv.com (Bill Vermillion)
Subject: Re: SCO Office mail server--feedback?
Message-ID: <Ipqn59.1D6B@wjv.com> 
References: <1131564110.897747.13850@g47g2000cwa.googlegroups.com> 
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 12:15:01 GMT

In article <1131564110.897747.13850@g47g2000cwa.googlegroups.com>,
Dan Martin <dc.martin@verizon.net> wrote:
>Can anyone offer feedback on SCO Office mail server?
>Would you recommend as a recplacement for MS Exchange,
>with less than 100 users?

I'd recommend FreeBSD.  Currently the 4.x as 5.x has been
problematic for some and 6.0 is only a week old.

I moved to a FreeBSD platform from SGI's IRIX for an ISP in 1996.
I've used it there and at a followup ISP ever since.

100 users is child's play on the 4.x, with sendmail, and 
with a 400MHz PII.  If there is a lot of mail and IF all users
are using SpamAssassin - you will require more horsepower as
Perl will chew up a bit of CPU power doing it's filtering.

And if you are not doing filtering you can handle a LOT of email.
Until I finally removed all MX records for one site, it was
getting up to 300,000 spam messages/day.  I'd see 60 instances of
sendmail running, but the loads never got high.  Truly efficient.

I've just taken our mailserver down after 609 days of uptime [there
were no security patches which required reboots] because I moved it
to a newer platform with more CPU power.

Now one comment on why you may want to stay on an MS based platform
- but NOT with the MS mail.

If you are really confortable with admining MS systems, and Unix
systems are new to you and somewhat daunting - you may want to
look into sendmail for MS.  It's called Mailstream in that
environment - but it's basically a commercial and supported
sendmail product.

You can check it out at https://www.sendmail.com.

The free sendmail is  www.sendmail.org   - so don't get there
and expect to find the commercial version.

Bill Vermillion - bv @ wjv . com

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