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From: Bob Tennent <BobT@cs.queensu.ca>
Subject: Re: simple copyright 'tux' and linux' question
Date: 7 Aug 2005 16:54:49 GMT
Message-ID: <slrndfcf6p.6ch.BobT@linus.cs.queensu.ca> 
References: <dd53pm$js2$1@slavica.ukpost.com>
<87u0i1dd6r.fsf@toncho.dhh.gt.org> On Sun, 07 Aug 2005 09:38:52 -0500, John Hasler wrote: >> Are there any known issues with using "Tux" the penguin or the word >> "linux" in a company/domain name or within a website? > > Yes. That isn't much help. "Linux" is a registered trade mark. For information about its use, see https://www.linuxmark.org/ As far as I know, "Tux" is not registered. The penguin drawing by Larry Ewing is freely usable: Linux 2.0 Penguins Bob T.

Actually it is Linux Trademark Institute now.

Larry Ewings Tux

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-> Using linux and tux trademarks

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