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SCO on xeon lockup keyboard

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From: "Brian K. White" <brian@aljex.com>
Subject: Re: Is XEON cpu compatible with OSR5.0.6 or 5.0.5?
Date: 5 Aug 2005 22:42:34 -0400
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Sent: Friday, August 05, 2005 6:21 PM
Subject: Is XEON cpu compatible with OSR5.0.6 or 5.0.5?

> Is the XEON processor compatible with OSR 5.0.6 ? I have a P3 system and 
> want to reload all the OS into a new Dual Xeon server.
> THanks

xeon doesn't say enough.

there are p1 p2 p3 and p4 xeon's

p3-xeon in the 1ghz range or above (maybe slower too like 700 or 800 mhz or 
above) needs a timing patch  (oss648a?) to avoid random system lockups due 
to missed interrupts (touch a key on the console keyboard and the system 
resumes running, the lock up doesn't hurt anything like a crash or power-off 
would. The server doesn't miss a beat, it just stops beating). Other than 
that 5.0.6 runs fine on them and is perfectly supported and "legal".

p4-anything, including p4-xeon, needs rs506a to avoid a potential case where 
the p4 throttles itself down to 50% speed (or less?) or overheats and burns 
out, and requires you disable hyperthreading in the bios, and the same 
oss648a timing patch as above for the same reason. Tend to that and 5.0.6 is 
fine on these too.

Be careful what order you do the patches in. Since the new box is dual, you 
need to install SMP early. Like, install it first, then the dev sys or at 
least the linker & libraries package, then rs506a and then whatever else 
applies to you. (suggested minimum these days, in order: oss648a, oss642a, 
oss646c, gwxlibs, gnutools)You have to buy an smp license to make the 2nd 
cpu alive, but you can install the smp package and licence it later. Same 
goes for the dev sys if you ever want to use the native compiler. SMP and 
the dev sys are the kinds of things that other patches sometimes patch, so 
if you ever think you might want them, you need to install them early so 
that other patches patch them as time goes on. It's very difficult to roll 
back all patches to install them later and then re-apply all patches, and 
unwise to just re-applying all patches without rolling them back.

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-> sco on xeon lockup keyboard

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