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dongle needs parallel at 378
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From: Bela Lubkin <belal@sco.com>
Subject: Re: PCI parallel port issues - need to change I/O address
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 06:19:33 GMT
References: <2dc3b402.0301221231.7e45ad0c@posting.google.com>
<2dc3b402.0301281105.48378c27@posting.google.com> Edward Hooper wrote: > The parallel port is needed for a security dongle. The driver is hard > coded to the standard I/O addresses for parallel: 0x3BC, 0x378, & > 0x278. If it doesn't find the parallel port at any one of the those > addresses then it cannot find the dongle. I don't want to write an > interceptor, just a little program that will force the PCI bus manager > to change the I/O address of a certain card to 0x378. > > I've asked for an updated driver but the company that makes the dongle > doesn't want to bother. They are more interested in leaving the > "legacy" world of Unix behind and going to the "bright future" of > Microsoft. (Bleak future if you ask me. Remember the 1984 Super Bowl > commerical from Apple?)

Patch their driver to use your card's I/O address.  Start with:

  cd /etc/conf/pack.d/theirdriver
  dis Driver.o | egrep -i '278|378|3bc'

That may or may not match -- depends whether their code explicitly
mentions the possible port addresses, or uses a data structure.  If it's
a data structure, hexdump the driver and look for those values.  Patch,
relink, reboot, see what happens.  (Save original copies of anything you


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-> dongle needs parallel at 378 address

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