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Windows XP network neighborhood
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firewall browsing

From: Mike Brown <mike@tkg.ca>
Subject: Re: Question on connect Win XP-prof. to Visionfs 3.00.925
References: <ha6t2vc8foffrc3klj5sgmftnbfe066gkf@4ax.com>
<N3RX9.6091$4y2.1027@sccrnsc04> Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 02:48:40 GMT Tony Lawrence wrote: > > bill wrote: > > Richard Seeder wrote: > > ... > > > >> > >> The solution is to set up XP to report correctly by defining the network > >> user and password to use for the VisionFS server. You can do this by > >> doing > >> the following (disclaimer: I'm reporting this from memory, so the details > >> may vary slightly): > >> > >> Click on control panel --> user account --> change account (click on > >> account) --> related tasks --> my network passwords --> add --> login info > >> properties --> set the server, user, password. Restart the XP > >> machine, and > >> it should work. Note: this method means that *anyone* logged into the XP > >> machine will have access to the the server under the selected user name! > >> > > Richard, > > when I get click on "manage network passwords" I get an empty list and > > no "add" button. Might I beg you to actually look at the XP machine to > > get the exact path to add a network passord as I am having problems with > > the XP machine sending the wrong user name/password. > > > > I have seen that when you change the name of an account. It sends the > old name and the new password if I remember right. > > The only solutions I found were to either add the name/password it wants > to use to Visionfs/Samba or abandon that user account on XP (rename it > if you like) and create a new account with the user name and password > you would like to use. > See Network Neighborhood, Visionfs, Samba Authentication and all that > > XP obviously still has some rough edges. > > -- > Tony Lawrence > Free SCO, Mac OS X and Linux Skills Tests: > https://aplawrence.com/skillstest.html I have noticed the same problem on more sites. It seems that the first user created/modified on XP may not work with Vision, because the wrong user ID is being sent. And some new edges have turned up. An XP PRO desktop system could browse and mount from NT server, but was being denied from Vision. The packet sniffer showed that the user eduardol was using a id of eduardo across the lan. The user was login into XP as eduardol, had an account of eduardol on NT, but the 'l' was dropped over the lan. Even stranger was a test login of eduardo into the XP desktop, it worked. I found no mention of a seven character limit on user names. An XP PRO laptop could not browse the network, but a sniffer showed that the netbios broadcasts were being answered correctly. A find of computer name failed, but a find by IP address worked, and the user could mount the required resource. Examination of the packet trace showed no obvious problem. The XP network properties indicated that the interface was being firewalled, but the firewall properties were configured as pass all in, pass all out. Removing the firewall filter on that interface solved the problem, which leads to the question(s) of what does pass all mean, and how effective is a rule that blocks a netbios response by name but not by IP address. The packet only differs in content. I'm sure more will follow. Mike

Michael Brown

The Kingsway Group

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-> Windows XP network neighborhood firewall browsing

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