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OSR5 cannot scologin or startx

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From: swertz@austin.rr.com (Steve Wertz)
Subject: Re: Can't scologin or startx
Date: 23 Jan 2003 05:10:17 -0800
References: <d625cb9e.0301221330.24416ae@posting.google.com>
<20030123050622.GD1705@jpradley.jpr.com> Jean-Pierre Radley <jpr@jpr.com> wrote in message news:<20030123050622.GD1705@jpradley.jpr.com>... > Steve Wertz typed (on Wed, Jan 22, 2003 at 08:04:16PM -0500): > | On Wed, 22 Jan 2003 21:50:04 GMT, Jean-Pierre Radley <jpr@jpr.com> > | wrote: > | > | >Steve Wertz typed (on Wed, Jan 22, 2003 at 01:30:25PM -0800): > | >| Scologin is kicking me back to scologin when I try and log in. > | >| It switches the video mode like it's trying to go into text mode, > | >| then pops back into graphic mode with the scologin screen again. > | >| 506 with rs506a, nothing has changed recently; no networking > | >| changes, no X changes - the only thing even remotely X-related was > | >| that I installed Mirror Magic off of the Skunkware. Removed it. > | > > | > > | >Did you change your shell? > | > | I changed root's shell to ksh a couple weeks ago; it never took for > | scoterms though (that was my next question). I've sinced logged into > | tty02 with ksh as roots login shell. > | > | I also set up a couple other users with ksh and one with bourne, and > | none of the accounts can scologin. > > See if the scripts for the various shells in /usr/lib/X11/scologin are all > intact.

They're all dated the time of the install of the OS.

M. Whitaker emailed me that one of the Skunkware packages may modify 
/usr/lib/X11/sys.startxrc.  I looked in there and something(?) seems 
to have added:

[ -x $XSCCMD ] && $XSCCMD -exit
[ -x $XSCRNS ] && $XSCRNS -no-splash &

Deleting those lines and changing the owner/group back to bin.bin
seems to solved the problem.

I don't know what went wrong with the Skunkware install.  I told it
to install GCC and left for the day and the next morning it appeared 
to have been installing most everything on Skunkware.  So I dont' know 
what package exactly caused the problem, but I'm conviced it's something
on Skunkware.

Thanks everyone.


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-> OSR5 cannot scologin or startx

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