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Mac OS X don't buy Virex!

© December 2004 (various authors)

Editor's note:

Like the person posting below, I too got burned by McAfee. Apparently there is a problem with Mac OS X 10.2 that causes a problem with their code. They have a fix for it, but amazingly, THEY WANT TO CHARGE YOU EXTRA TO GET THAT FIX!

That's simply unbelievable: They advertise a product that they KNOW does not work, and then extort more money from you to get the fix. They ought to be sued.

That's not the first problem like that I have had with NAI and McAfee. I think they are a company to be avoided.

03/14/2003: The 10.2.4 updates MAY have fixed this - or at least somewhat. I'm running Virex right now - on the GUI screen it appears to be dead and locked, beach ball spinning. However, watching it at terminal level with lsof shows me it is still busily scanning my files (I have a LOT of files). Still waiting for it to finish.. But even if it does: I still think NAI and McAfee are worth avoiding. Well.. it just crashed...

From: Christopher W Aiken <cwaiken@nospam.com>
Subject: Re: Macafee Virex
Date: 21 Jan 2003 23:43:43 GMT
References: <LGbX9.769690$WL3.761047@rwcrnsc54>
<RChX9.774116$WL3.765229@rwcrnsc54> In article <RChX9.774116$WL3.765229@rwcrnsc54>, Tony Lawrence wrote: > Steve Maser wrote: >> In article <LGbX9.769690$WL3.761047@rwcrnsc54>, Tony Lawrence >> <tony@pcunix.com> wrote: >> >> >>>I put this on this Ibook just today. I did download the update also. >>>It works fine from the command line, but whenever I run the graphical >>>version it runs a bit and then stops responding. >>> >>>Just wondering if anyone has experience with this before I start digging >>>into it. >> >> >> >> which version? 7.0? Or 7.1? >> >> 7.1 seems to work OK (this is only available from mac.com) > > No, I bought it from McAfee. > >> >> 7.0 is what "enterprises" are forced to live with. NAI *does* have a >> "hotfix" for 7.0, but you have to ask for it. >> >> That resolves the locking up of Virex under Jaguar... > > That's probably what I'm looking for, thanks. I'll cruise their site > more carefully. > > Don't waste your time trying to get Virex 7.1 to work. It just doesn't work and NAI/McAfee don't care. They have your $$$. They indicate there is a "hotfix" to correct the problem, but from what I could find out you have to "pay for support" to get the hotfix. You/I are not alone with this problem.

See: https://forums.mcafeehelp.com/index.php and pick on the Virex link.  

I purchased Virex 7.1 from NAI/McAfee, got my grant number, but can not get
the "fixes/patches" because I didn't "pay for support".  I told them that I 
didn't want support.  What I wanted was a product that worked.  No help at 
all.  In fact, I couldn't even "talk" to them on the "phone" about the 
problem because I didn't "pay for support"....  I was finally able to get
a refund through, what they called, their e-Store.  Then they told me to
go to Apple and pay for something called .MAC just to get Virex.  

Needless to say I have black listed McAfee and went with Nortons Internet
Security.  If comes with a Firewall and Norton's Anti Virus.  Been running
both for months now with no problems at all (iMac G4, OS X 10.2.3).

e-Mail:  chris at cwaiken dot net
Home:    www.cwaiken.net

Got something to add? Send me email.

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-> Mac OS X don't buy Virex!

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---January 25, 2005
I to am running virex 7.1 on G4 mac OS X but cant get any answers regarding of this is the latest version and can't get any DATS. Mcfee site is worthless for mac users as best I can determine

Tue May 17 04:47:35 2005: 516   anonymous

You will need to remove virex with a Remove Virex tool downloadable form the Virex FTP site.

Install version 7.5.1 (not compatible with 10.4 though.


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