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hp jet direct will not print

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From: Jeff Liebermann <jeffl@comix.santa-cruz.ca.us>
Subject: Re: hpnp and ipfilter issue?
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 10:36:26 -0800
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On 11 Jan 2003 09:47:27 -0800, carl.sopchak@cegis123.com (Carl
Sopchak) wrote:

>I have a client that's using hpnp to print to a JetDirect box.

Which model?  Different models have different bugs.

>When I first installed ipfilter, I had an issue
>with hpnp printing.  I fixed that problem, but, stupidly, didn't write
>down exactly what I did.

The JetDirect box is a print "server".  It wants to talk to your OSR5
server.  Port 9100, 9101, 9102 are the common IP ports for HPNP.
Also, OSR5 needs status information from the print server using SNMP
on port 160.  There's a list port numbers that need to be open at the
bottom of:
However, almost all these ports involve connections that are outgoing
from the OSR5 server.  IPFilter allows all out going ports, so that
should not be a problem here.  It's not IPFilter.

>I *thought* I changed the spec file that I
>created for ipfilter's use on reboot to allow what's necessary

Assumption, the mother of all screwups.
Check thy assumptions.

>Yesterday, after over a month of trouble-free operation, the client
>had a power outage.  When the SCO OSR 5.0.5 box came back up, hpnp
>wouldn't print.

The default configuration of the unspecified HP JetDirect box is to
get its IP address via DHCP.  Some of the early models also use bootp
if that's unavailable.  Punch the test button on your unspecified
print server and see if the test print shows that it has an IP
address.  If not, telnet or use a web browser to set the IP address to
whatever is specified in /etc/hosts for the printer.  You should NOT
be using DHCP or bootp to assign IP addresses of fixed devices
(printers, routers, gateways, etc).  If the IP address changes every
time you have a power failure, you'll have a repetition of this

>Trying to ping the printer's ip gives 'Host is down'.  We power cycled
>the JetDirect box, but that didn't help.  The activity light on the
>JetDirect flashes when the ping is running.  (I'm not sure if that
>means much...)

Punch the test button.  I'm guessing it's a 170x or 300x.  You should
get a test page.  No IP address, no talk.

>I tried using arp -s to map the IP to the MAC, but ping then just
>seemed to hang (no output).  arp -an shows at
>"(incomplete)"...  Also, I can't ping from any of the
>machines on the LAN.

If other machines can't ping the unspecified jetdirect box, then it's
either at a different address, fried, misconfigured, or disconnected.
I spent an hour fighting something similar.  When I finally power
cycled the switch (or hub) that was in between the servers and the
JetDirect box, everything magically recovered.  Like I said, check thy

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-> hp jet direct will not print

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