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From: Karl von Laudermann <karlvonl@rcn.com.invalid>
Subject: Re: Recommendations for Mac
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 13:20:34 -0500
References: <Xns92FBB4EB648AEHELLFISH@>
<Xns92FD94BCE8CD8HELLFISH@> In article <Xns92FD94BCE8CD8HELLFISH@>, "}{eLLfiSh" <HELLFISH@guess.it> wrote: > What are the better Mac Fan/News/Reviews web sites?

I'll answer this one, since you didn't get many responses from others. 

https://www.macnn.com/ is a good daily Mac-related news site. They also 
have product reviews, and a web forum.

https://www.macworld.com/ is another Mac news and review site.

https://www.macdesktops.com/ and https://www.iconfactory.com/ are great 
places to download custom desktop pictures and icon sets, respectively.

https://www.versiontracker.com/macosx/index.shtml is a great place to 
download Mac shareware/freeware.

https://www.chezmark.com/ provides weekly recommendations for recently 
released or updated shareware/freeware programs.

https://www.macfixit.com/ is a Mac troubleshooting site. It's always 
worth visiting before downloading Mac software updates, so you'll know 
in advance what problems you might encounter.

              -- Karl J. von Laudermann -- karlvonl(at)rcn.com --
                  -- <https://www.geocities.com/~karlvonl/> --

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