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Mac OS X powerboook virtual pc

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From: Kevin Stevens <Kevin_Stevens@Hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: New Powerbook Questions
References: <vO5U9.6711$%V.6312@nwrddc02.gnilink.net> 
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 20:37:42 -0800

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In article <vO5U9.6711$%V.6312@nwrddc02.gnilink.net>,

> Hi:
>     I am a IBMer who wants to purchase a new Powerbook with the 17" Monitor,
> but has a few questions that I hope someone could answer:
> 1.  I currently have Verizon DSL as my Internet Provider.  Would I be able
> to use the Airport and the Powerbook with this?

> 2.  Any problems with customer support from Apple itself?

Certainly.  They're a large corporation - there will inevitably be 
dissatisfied customers.
> 3.  Anyone had experience with Virtual PC on a Powerbook?  How does it run?

It's adequate for occasional use of non-graphically intense 
applications.  For example, it would be tolerable if you needed to set 
up a VPN connection to work for email, and it needed to run under 
Windows because of VPN client support.  If you tried to work on it all 
day as a replacement for a modern P4 machine you wouldn't be satisfied.

OTOH, the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for OS X works very well and 
is free, so if you have a suitable Windows machine you can attach with 
RDC quite satisfactorily.
> 4.  Am I safe to assume that the more RAM I get, the better the Powerbook
> will work?

Yes.  The 512MB default is not a system minimum, and is quite usable, 
but anyone who can afford $3400 for the machine itself would be well 
advised to add another 512MB.
> 5.  Can you really edit/create videos and make DVDs with this system?

Sure.  It's comparable performance-wise to the single-cpu G4 Power Macs 
of last year, which were quite comfortable doing so.
> 6.  Is the Kodak DX3215 digital camera (USB Connection) compatable with
> Apple products?

Dunno.  Look on the switch page at Apple, there's a compatibility list 
somewhere.  Realistically many digicam users buy a card reader rather 
than hooking the camera directly, anyway - that's what I do with my 
Canon D60.
> 7.  How about the Lexmark 75x and the HP OfficeJet v40ix printers?

Very bland in design and coloration, IMHO.  If you want a better answer, 
ask a better question.
> 8.  Is OS X really as stable as a villina version of Linux?

Inherently, yes; though the more appropriate comparison is to FreeBSD.  
However, the more kernel extensions and extensive applications you run 
on any machine, the less stable it's going to be.  As a well-supported 
client workstation, I run many more things on my PowerBook than I do on 
my FreeBSD server, so I wouldn't consider it as stable.  It's not all 
unreliable, though - I never turn off my Pismo, simply put it to sleep 
when not using it, and reboots are typically required only after various 

 > 9.  How is the error correction in OS X?

Don't understand the question.  If you're talking about the filesystem, 
depends on which you use.  If you're talking about memory error 
correction, ECC memory is supported in the Power Macs, I don't believe 
it is in the PowerBooks.
> 10.  Could you plug in an external Keyboard and/or Mouse to this system?

Sure.  Any USB keyboard or mouse I've tried works fine (and vice versa, 
I use an Apple Pro keyboard on my Windows machine).


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