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hp jet direct will not print

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From: "Scot Harkins" <scoth@bigfoot.com>
Subject: Re: hpnp and ipfilter issue?
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 10:51:33 -0800
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"Carl Sopchak" <carl.sopchak@cegis123.com> wrote in message
> OK, I feel dumb now...

We all get that.  Welcome to humanity.

> ...
> Trying to ping the printer's ip gives 'Host is down'.  We power cycled
> the JetDirect box, but that didn't help.  The activity light on the
> JetDirect flashes when the ping is running.  (I'm not sure if that
> means much...)
> I tried using arp -s to map the IP to the MAC, but ping then just
> seemed to hang (no output).  arp -an shows at
> "(incomplete)"...  Also, I can't ping from any of the
> machines on the LAN.

There's your key.  No other system on the LAN can ping it.  ipfilter doesn't
affect other systems on the LAN, meaning it cannot stop one device from
pinging another device on the same LAN.  It cannot stop another system from
pinging the JD box on the same LAN segment.

Have you checked the settings on the JD box?  Might the power problem have
damaged or reset the JD to factory?  Print out a config from the JD.  Press
the test button on the JD box and the config sheet will print.  If it
doesn't print then you may well have a problem with the JD, meaning you'll
have to follow up on it first to make sure it's okay.

The activity light flashes on the JD because of LAN traffic.  It's
non-specific; any LAN traffic will cause it to flicker with the traffic.
It's hopeful that you have a link, assuming you have a link light on both
the JD and the port on the hub into which it is plugged.

If the config sheet prints out with some oddball IP address then it's
probably been reset to factory.  It's problematic that adding an arp entry
causes ping to hang; almost sounds like the JD has a near-miss config and
perhaps it's trying to send the reply packets to the gateway (if it knows
about a gateway) rather than the system sending the ping on the LAN.

After you added the MAC in arp (arp -s [ip addr] [MAC addr] temp) 'arp -a'
should show the MAC with the IP.  If not then you missed on the arp command.
Once you get it set then it will not matter what IP address the JD has,
unless it's got a gateway and the metric works out as though you're on the
other side of the gateway.


Scot Harkins (KA5KDU)
Greenbank, WA

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-> hp jet direct will not print

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