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From: Tony Lawrence <tony@pcunix.com>
Subject: Re: Where can I buy AIX for Apple PowerPC 8100?
Date: Sun, 08 Dec 2002 07:10:04 -0500

Geoffrey wrote:

> And you won't find IT/MIS staff recommending Macs, because they know
> that they would be recommending themselves out of a job. 

Well, no, that isn't why.  The reasons are much more complex, and 
different folks would give different weight to different factors. 
Personally, I'd ascribe most of it to Microsoft's predatory business 
practices: bullying, baiting, etc. But there is more to it than that: 
Microsoft pays close attention to what people want.  They may do a 
horrible, botched job of providing it initially, and at the next 
revision, and so on, but eventually they do provide decent products 
(usually assisted by driving out the competition with unfair pricing 
etc. but that's another story).  With apologies for gross over 
simplification, Unix and Linux have paid little attention to users and 
tend toward satisfying programmers, and Apple has historically told us 
what it thinks we SHOULD want rather than what we DO want.  Remember the 
idiotic Apple II's with no arrow keys?  Spreadsheets weren't a lot of 
fun on that platform, but Apple Knew Better.

Apple bigots should pause before sending me death threats: I *like* 
Apple, I like Macs, and now that Mac has embraced Unix I am simply 
ecstatic about the possibilities.

I'm a long time Unix fan and have 20 years of IT experience in addition 
to Unix - dos, windows, macs, novell and a few other odd things here and 
there.  It is true that Windows networks demand more IT resources, but 
IT people aren't generally afraid of losing work if they brought in 
non-windows platforms - there's just too much to be done to worry about 
that.  What they do worry about is interoperability (which is not helped 
by our friends at Microsoft sometimes bending over backwards to 
deliberately break interoperability and generally keeping their 
interfaces secret).  But Linux and BSD on Intel has been able to make 
inroads on the server side in spite of that, and perhaps now Apple has a 
chance to regain some ground on the desktop side.  Unix and Linux have 
historically been weak there - the developers just haven't give the user 
interface enough attention.  It has gotten better recently with Linux, 
but it's still a bit rough.  That's certainly not something anyone ever 
said about Apple!  Whatever faults Apple has had, ignoring the user 
interface certainly hasn't been one of them.  They may have had their 
foolish moments (Apple II's etc) but ui is their definite strength.

I think that Mac's move to Unix is going to hurt Microsoft.  It opens up 
new possibilities for those of us in the Unix world (I just bought an 
Ibook) and vice versa.  Developers who might have seen the Unix/Linux 
market or the Mac market as individually too small now see a larger 
potential for very little extra work, and it is software that drives the 
desktop market.  Wouldn't it be a lovely world if we had Mac desktops 
and Unix/Linux servers?  Well, a lovely world for me.. just a slightly 
prejudiced Unix type,

Who knows? Microsoft could be heading for a fall.  Couldn't happen to a 
more deserving bunch :-)


Tony Lawrence
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-> mac unix os X jaguar

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