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3.2v4.2 boot disks n1 n2 m1

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From: Bela Lubkin <belal@sco.com>
Subject: Re: getting "incorrect tape volume" on install...
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 22:20:52 GMT
References: <be5d5a74.0211242157.367ba831@posting.google.com>
<28fccfbb.0211271053.74599a25@posting.google.com> Abid Khan wrote: > > > Thom Price wrote: > > > > > > > Hi, folks. Trying to install 3.2 v4.2 via 3.5" N1, N2, and M1 plus > > > > QIC tape in internal Archive drive, as I've done before. N1 diskette > > > > wouldn't boot. I remembered a post here about the newer images for > > > > those 3 diskettes that I had previously d'loaded from SCO's FTP site.

> I have a N1 disk for 3.2v4.2 (3 1/2"), I can make a copy and mail it
> to you if you like.

Even that might not be specific enough.  For some releases, we shipped
different N1 images for each of these:

  SCO Unix standalone distributed on floppies
  SCO Unix standalone distributed on tape
  SCO Unix standalone distributed on CD-ROM
  Open Desktop distributed on floppies
  Open Desktop distributed on tape
  Open Desktop distributed on CD-ROM

The two of you should compare part numbers and/or labels (in full
detail) printed on the disks, make sure they're really the same.  Thom
says "3.2v4.2" but I'm not sure whether he's stated whether it's
standalone Unix or ODT.


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-> 3.2v4.2 boot disks n1 n2 m1

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