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cd-rw burners

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From: bscho@lioncom.net (Barry Schofield)
Newsgroups: linux.redhat.misc,linux.redhat.rpm
Subject: Re: CD-RW suggestions?
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 16:34:15 GMT
Message-ID: <38527d05.16562534@news.netdirect.net.uk> 
References: <38374807.ACF839DF@home.com>
<384D1CC4.97B2D4F@sunsoft.no> On Tue, 07 Dec 1999 15:42:12 +0100, Jan-Petter =?iso-8859-1?Q?Midtg=E5rd?= <jan-petter.midtgaard@sunsoft.no> wrote: >John R Worachek wrote: >> >> I have an HP Pavilion 8395 and am considering >> purchasing a CD-RW drive. >> >> Any suggestions on hardware and software? >> >Software: >I've been using XCDRoast which works just fine. You will also have to >install mkisofs. >

My suggestion is a SCSI drive Yamaha 6416 perhaps.

Probably you want to run IDE though and herein lies the problem I
worked on for a week. I could be wrong but xcdroast is the only
graphical interface and it is very dated and hard to work with
unless you have scsi drives.

It appears that the source and site for the program has wandered
as I would have liked to make it up to a user friendly interface that
everyone can use. The version I have without source is -96e and if
anyone know where the source is, or a newer version then it would be

I also feel a CDRW HOWTO is needed rather than patching up the old
CDROM HOWTO. If you have used the Adaptec package you know the present
tools are not userfriendly enough. The idea that the whole of a RW
disc should be erased before rewriting is hardly RW is it and as far
as I can tell even this button has not been added.

The first machine I wanted to put a HP 8100i on to coexist with
Windoze on another seperate IDE drive. I had a new IDE 25 Mbyte
for Linux and only when I got this to settle down, basically the Disk
druid is pretty crap and you have to really use fdisk could I get a
staple sytem. i.e 2 ide's and 2 atapi CDROM and CDRWriter.
Would have helped if my bios had recognized ATAPI but did not.

I used Mandrake 6.0 (RH6.0) and  kde desktop and the first problem was
to add the read writer as a second disk, so no set-up software was
available. This configuration pnp package needs to be made up for
simple integration I feel. 

Well I have it work the best I can get it so far but I feeel it still
could only be called a disc copier, as to using the RW as it should
for auto-backup and second drive I will just have to wait until
someone fetches out some decent software or give me the source for the

Well the best I have done so far is to make a text list of the files
and changes needed manually and anyone is welcome to the same if they
send an Email.


I have now loaded the xcdroast on another machine this time with IDE 
and SCSI the ide has a HP8200i  RW with ide Windoze and the SCSI has
a wide fast lvd 68 pin on channel A and the Yamaha CRW4416S,
50 pin on channel  B. Note this appears to be a problem. 

I still do not have this stable with xcdroast it sets up and sees both
the scsi devices and lists them in the scsi section with the ide in
the ide section. Yet when I try to burn a disc by any method it states

unknown error. The discs are recorded but only once.

When you check under setup the two scsi devices are now listed again
but a llisting of two discs this ibm hard drive is listed now twice
and the scsi hard drive is not listed at all. The whole of the desktop
is now messed up and even shutdown does not work.

Any ideas anyone. Has someone made a proper application for 
CDRW's yet? Can I get this sorted? Help would be appreciated.

Barry Schofield

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