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Win4LinPro released: Support for Win2K, WinXP

© February 2005 bruceg
Sat Feb 26 14:02:52 2005 by Bruce Garlock Netraverse has released Win4LinPro for Linux, which now allows you to install Windows 2000 or Windows XP on Linux to run any of those apps for which there are no equivalent in Linux, yet. I use Win4Lin to run Photoshop, since there are sometimes when the GIMP will not do. I also use Win4Lin to support family and some of my customers It cost $99, which I think is a little steep, but considering the time you will save from not having to dual-boot into a Win2K or WinXP session, this may pay for itself with saved time in a short time. I spoke with a developer at Linux world, and asked when USB support was coming, since I have a couple of devices that do not have a Linux kernel module for, and he told me it was not that high on the list. So, if anyone else who is reading this, thinks it would be an important feature, please email them a feature request.

Have a look at the new features, and a newly designed website, which for the moment is seperate from their "main" website:

https://www.win4lin.com/ (link dead, sorry)

Got something to add? Send me email.

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-> Win4LinPro released: Support for Win2K, WinXP

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