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Rob Enderle again

© May 2005 Tony Lawrence

Author: TonyLawrence
Date: Mon May 30 12:55:14 2005
Subject: Rob Enderle again

Rob is writing about the power of Linux at The Most Powerful Labor Union in the World: Linux?

He tells the story of an article by Maureen O'Gara being censored and removed because it painted a negative picture of Groklaw. I certainly agree with his contention that Linux fans are a powerful force, and I agree that it's disgusting that an article would be pulled because of backlash from the community.

However, Rob didn't bother to note Maureen's history with the Linux community: she's been seen as anti-Linux for a long time now, and Linux folk suspect her of being a paid shill (Microsoft? SCO?). Rob also forgets that the Linux community didn't rip the article out themselves; that choice was made by the publisher. In other words, shame on them. Rob also implies that Linux pressure is responsible for that publisher's general troubles; but anyone familiar with their various magazines could tell you that they were already well on their way to irrelevancy.

In another part of this article, Rob blames the Linux community for SCO's near demise. That's utter nonsense: SCO made its own bed, and was heading down the path to unimportance before the first line of Linux code was ever written. The abandonment of SCO by its customers very seldom has anything to do with Linux other than being a possible choice for migration. But if Linux didn't exist, SCO would still be in trouble and still would be losing customers. The stupidity of this Linux related lawsuit may have accelerated that process slightly, but it isn't the root cause.

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-> Rob Enderle is way off base yet again

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Wed Jun 1 05:02:11 2005: 601   drag

I read Maureen O'Gara's article. It's pretty retarded.. she writes about how she goes to try to find were the lady lives, harrasses some neighbors and the super of the appartment building, makes some unsubstantiated personal attacks and that's it. Big whoop.

Getting all hot and bothered over something like that is just rediculious. It's laughable. All it shows is how myopic the viewpoint of some folks on the internet can get. Especially on Groklaw, were it seems that the the majority of people go just to hear what they want to hear and already beleive.

The term 'Get a Life' springs to mind...


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