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Slashdot subscriptions???

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It will surprise me greatly if very many people are willing to pay money to read SlashDot.

Referencing: https://slashdot.org/faq/subscriptions.shtml

Whoaa, Nellie: do they really think this will work?

OK, yeah, Slashdot is often interesting, and $5.00 for 1,000 pages isn't exactly outrageous, but then again, do I really care that this lets me see articles 20 minutes earlier than non-subscribers?

Well, no, I don't. Apparently this has been in place for a while, and the first time I ever noticed it (because it refused to show me an article) was today. Obviously immediacy isn't normally an issue for me, and I suspect it isn't for too many others, either.

So how about you? Have you been refused a Slashdot article yet? Do you read Slashdot religiously, regularly, sometimes? Would you cough up $5.00 for this "early reader" privilege?

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-> Slashdot subscriptions???

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"Do you read Slashdot religiously, regularly, sometimes?"

I hardly read Slashdot at all. I don't like the snotty, sophomoric attitude that pervades that site.


But don't you think that's always going to happen with popular sites? Certainly many Slashdot posters are articulate and intelligent, it's just that their voice is lost in the noise of the jerks. The modding system contributes because the intelligent folks are of course in a minority, so the dumb comments get modded up.

But ignoring the comments, I still find Slashdot informative - maybe less so today than it used to be, but I still take a quick peek almost every day. And I do look at the comments when I want a sense of general opinion on something - I read a lot of the comments about Gmail, for example.

But it's not something I'd pay for - at least not while there are still easy and free ways to find the same info.


"Certainly many Slashdot posters are articulate and intelligent, it's just that their voice is lost in the noise of the jerks."

Well, I seem to have little patience for that sort of thing. Since most, if not all, of the information available from Slashdot can be obtained from other less annoying sources I really don't feel compelled to wade through a lot of mud just to catch one little fish. I certainly wouldn't pay for anything at Slashdot.


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