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Using File and Settings Transfer Wizard as Windows backup

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Tue Jun 22 11:33:37 2004 Using File and Settings Transfer Wizard as Windows backup

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It really surprises me how few Windows machines have any sort of backup. True, the only thing that needs backup for many users is email, and that need can be eliminated by either using IMAP or by changing POP settings to leave a copy on the server. Documents are often stored on network drives (which we assume are backed up, though often I find they are not). So the large number of machines without a backup mechanism perhaps isn't as amazing as it first seems.

Part of the reason for this is that, in general, Windows backup isn't very good. The few exceptions tend to be expensive and somewhat geekish, and even those are apt to have problems restoring Registry and other system files. Most of that is much more Microsoft's fault than the folks who try to make the software. It's not total gloom and doom: there are good products out there, but I sure don't see them installed very often. As I said, what I usually see is absolutely nothing: no procedure, no method, no capability whatsoever.

The XP File and Settings Transfer Wizard referred to in the "Referencing" link can be employed as a backup tool, particularly if your main concern is recovering from catastrophic loss. Just use it as though you were transferring to a new machine, storing the file on a network drive.

This isn't fast, it isn't overly flexible, but it does the most important stuff and would allow you to quickly recover from a complete crash. According to Microsoft docs, it can't transfer over 63,000 files, but that's probably not an issue for most users. A good nitty gritty link on this is https://tools.supportforyourpc.com/get_article.asp?aid=1294

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-> Using File and Settings Transfer Wizard asWindows backup

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