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It's ALWAYS the driver (or the card)

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Tue Mar 16 17:45:31 GMT 2004 It's ALWAYS the driver (or the card)

Slow ftp is almost always a driver/card issue. Often updating the driver or using a better card fixes the problem instantly. This came from a customer who went through this recently:

I always like to fill you in when we DO find an answer.
The slow ftp problem was either the onboard chipset in the
Dell Optiplex GX200 machine, or the driver that was loaded
for it. Basically, Mike and I were so frustrated (we have
3 of the GX200's, and more of the older GX110's all bought
from computer-show.com) that we tried configuring one of
the GX110's identically to the GX200, and the ftp flew (71
MB in ~9 sec.).

So, knowing that the problem was isolated to the
GX200, we went into the BIOS and disabled the
on-board NIC, and inserted one of our very reliable
3Com 3C905-TX-NM PCI cards. RedHat 9.0 found the
new card right away, and loaded the appropriate
driver (or should I say script?). The network
performance was like night and day, although it
synced up at a slower speed (78MB in ~ 90 sec.).
But who cares? The ftp was not even FINISHING before
timing out using the on-board chipset! Also,
accessing files on the samba share is easily 10
times faster! Just thought that you would like to
know, maybe it will help someone else down the

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-> It's ALWAYS the driver (or the card)

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