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MYDOOM virus attacks SCO site

© January 2004 Tony Lawrence

Tue Jan 27 12:48:41 GMT 2004 MYDOOM virus attacks SCO site

Link: https://www.trendmicro.com/vinfo/virusencyclo/default5.asp?VName=WORM_MIMAIL.R

It's hard to like the Linux community when they do things like this. I understand (not condone or agree with, just understand) their rancor toward SCO, but this is disgusting.

More disgusting is sentiment in some Linux newsgroups blaming SCO for launching this themselves.

An amusing (assuming you have a heightened sense of irony) part of this is that it looks like the perpertrators deliberately harvested names from the comp.unix.sco newsgroups to use with the virus, so people who have posted there are getting slammed with complaints and returned mail due to bogus messages purportedly from them.

As explained at SCO Sympathiser, I think the Linux folks are directing their energy in wrong directions, and this is definitely more of the same. It isn't going to generate any positive press for Linux, and the self-congratulatory tone of some Linux people is just going to aggravate that more.

Update: https://www.informationweek.com/story/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=17501721: new variant attacks Microsoft also.

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-> MYDOOM virus attacks SCO site

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I have met a lot of satisfied Linux folks, but I have never met a virus lover - Jim Nash

Hrmm - please don't make the mistakes of the Idiots calling everyone with a slightly different opinion of the SCO suit for SCO Lovers.....

There is a hard and distinct difference between a community and (what hopefully is) an act of a small number of misguided idiots.

- Kim Petersen

Maybe it's a secret plot by al Quaeda to wreck the Internet.


Even if "Linux users" are behind this worm, so what ? There are thousands of murderers in USA. That doesn't make me say "USA is a despicable place because they have thousands of murders". There are murderers everywhere. Just like there are people writing worms everywhere.

-- Skaya

I'm not trying to paint an entire community as guilty, merely saying that this kind of crap doesn't help foster a positive attitude toward Linux by business. The responsible part of the community needs to speak out LOUDLY against this sort of thing.


Bruce Perns insists this wasn't done by Linux people:

Fine: I don't really care WHO wrote it, it's the gloating cheerleaders in the Linux community who are ticking me off (that doesn't include Bruce, who sensibly does warn against just that)



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