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Longhorn competition?

© November 2003 Tony Lawrence

Tue Nov 4 10:58:00 GMT 2003 Longhorn competition?

Link: Longhorn' Pitted Against Linux 2.6

Huh? In other articles I've seen Longhorn compared to Mac OS X Panther. Does this make any sense? Longhorn isn't a real product. It MIGHT be released two or three years from now. When and if it finally does come out, if it doesn't fall flat on its face, both Mac OS X and Linux will have had X many more years of development.

So: If both of those compare favorably with what Microsoft SAYS Longhorn will be - someday - isn't it obvious that they will be BETTER than Longhorn then?

One other thing from that article:

"We tell everybody what our vision is. I don't think [Linux kernel developers] tell the community what theirs is," said Craig Mundie, chief technology officer at Microsoft, in Redmond, Wash. "There's also a difference between a community model that's sort of an evolutionary process and one that's actually designed and managed for effect in some specific way, which is what Microsoft is doing."

First: the Linux developers ARE the community. Second, thoughts and opinions are shared, discussed, argued over: all openly. Anybody who wanted to find out what was happening/planned/rejected etc. with the 2.6 kernel could have.

Do these Microsoft zombies have any clue at all?

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-> Longhorn competition?


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Sat Dec 8 22:46:05 2007: 3302   TonyLawrence

And here we are in 2007 and Longhorn (Vista) does finally exist.. and is Microsoft any less clueless?

Sun Dec 9 05:27:27 2007: 3303   BigDumbDinosaur

And here we are in 2007 and Longhorn (Vista) does finally exist.. and is Microsoft any less clueless?

Vista is pretty lame. I have already "reverted" several machines to XP (which is lame as well, but less so) -- that's how poorly Vista is impressing customers. A client just ordered a new laptop from me and insisted that it *not* have Vista. That tell ya anything, bubba?


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